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Control is more important than ever. It is at the center of everything your company does. And its reliability, cost, and safety dramatically impact your organization’s ability to drive profitability and productivity.

2700 Westport Road  Charlotte, NC 28208

Let Contech Systems Control solutions help you proactively and strategically manage your control links - the complete electrical/control system that runs your enterprise. Our approach is holistic. Our solutions span your entire control chain and its life cycle to ensure greater reliability, operating cost efficiencies, effective use of capital, enhanced safety, and risk mitigation. Find out more and begin to take control.

We can provide Eaton’s PowerChain Management solutions for everything from pushbutton and motor controls to full-blown SCADA/PLC systems including the enclosures to house them, all the way down to the DIN rail for mounting, terminals for connecting, wireways for routing and power supplies for powering the devices and systems.

We may be a small firm, but we have the power to equip you for every eventuality. This site offers quick procurement of items stocked in the Charlotte warehouse, however, many of the devices and systems that we handle cover such a broad and custom boulevard of items for home emergence power transfer switches to complete systems including design, programming and configuration for your proprietary requirements that we can’t begin to cover the full range of our abilities on the e-commence site.


If you can’t find the items to satisfy your requirements here, please call us with your needs or wants and we will do our utmost to fill them.

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