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Austin Enclosures Hammond Enclosures N-TRON - Industrial Networking
Metallic Enclosures Metallic & Non-Metallic
Harden Ethernet Switches, (2) to (26) Ports
NEMA 1, 3/3R, 12-13, 4-12, 4X, NEMA 1, 3/3R, 12-13, 4-12, 4X, Wireless Connectivity, Ring Mgmt
Wireways & Wiring Troughs Wireways & Wiring Troughs 2 M Hours Mean Time Between Failure

Racks & Rack Cabinets N-View™ OPC Monitoring, VLAN, 
Cable & Wire
QoS, IGMP Snooping, QoS
Lutze & Houston (HWC) Hitachi America Trunking & Port Mirroring

Industrial AC Frequency Drives Harden EDS Port Protection
DBK-USA WJ200 - Compact Inverter Class I, Div 2 Groups A, B, C, D, T4A
Industrial Thermal Management X200 -  Compact Inverter
Heaters, Fans and Thermostats
SJ700 High - Performance Inverter Red Lion

L700 - Pumps, Fans & Conveyors HMI's G3  and Graphite Series
EATON-Cutler Hammer
Industrial Ethernet & Wi-Fi Radios
Operator Interfaces (Panelmate) Idec Protocol Conversion & PID Controllers
ELC Programmble Controllers Relays, Sockets, Timers, PB's Visual Management (ProducTVity Station)
EASY Programmble Relays Switches, Circuit breakers, PLC's Cellular M2M Routers
Circuit Breakers, Drives &  Motors DC Power Supplies Displays, Meters & Signal Conditioners
Motor Controls & MCC's
Data Acquisition & RTI's & I/O Modules
Sensors, Surge Suppression Kepware Technologies
Terminal Blocks, Limit Switches  OPC and Embedded Device  RK Electronics
Pushbuttons and Indicating Lights Communications Drivers Single & Three Phase Voltage Relays
Power Supplies, Transformers  Windows Desktop, Server AC Current Relays, Pump Controls
Busway, Metering Products Embedded (Windows CE and Transient Voltage Filter Suppressors
Switchgear, Transfer Switches Windows NT/XP Embedded). Zero Speed & DC Current Sensing Relays
Safety Switches and Disconnects
Electronic Time Delay Relays

Marathon Electric Motors Relays, Sockets & Embedded Controllers
EL PRO Wireless Definite Purpose Motors Intrinsically Safe Output Relays
Protocol Gateways, Wireless I/O  General & Special Purpose 1 Phase

Ethernet and Serial Modems  General Purpose Three Phase  STEGO: Thermal Management
Cellular Solutions  Hazardous Duty-Explosion Proof  Temperature & Humidity Controls
WirelessHART™ Technologies Inverter Duty/Black Max Motors  Filters, Fans, Lights & Heaters
Ethernet Network Switches 

Network Management Systems Murrelektronik TCI: Trans-Coil, Inc.
DNP 3.0 Protocol DeviceNet, Ethernet I/O Drive Reactors, Output & Harmonic Filters

Sensor Connector Systems
ERICO Field Bus Systems, DC P.S. Weidmuller
FLEXIBAR (UL Power Bus Bar)
Terminal Blocks, Fuse Blocks & Relays
Bus Bar Supports,  Moeller Electric DC Power Supplies, Signal Conditioners
Cable sleeves, Copper Braids Motor Starters, Circuit Breakers Din Rail Mounted Circuit Breakers & Tools
Distribution Blocks, Din Rail  PLC's, Pilot Devices, LS's DC Battery Back Up Units

Contactors, Relays & PB's Surge Protection, Heavy Duty Conntectors

Industrial Ethernet Access Ports Stahlin Enclosures Saginaw Enclosures
EtherNet, ControlNet, Profibus Non-Metallic & PVC Metallic Enclosures & Fiberglass
Bulkheads CAT 5 with 120VAC NEMA 1, 3R, 12, 4-12, 4X, NEMA 1, 3/3R, 12-13, 4-12, 4X
SafeSideŽ Voltage Indicators Fiberglass Wireway Wall Mount, Free Standing,

Red Lion